What does it do?

Have you ever wanted to be able to offer your customers the discounted rates that you receive from Australia Post? Our OpenCart Australia Post Shipping Method plugin allows you to provide your customers with shipping rates as per your contract with Australia Post.

It easily integrates into OpenCart 3.0, and once connected using your Shipping & Tracking API key, it instantly starts providing shipping rates to your customers as they proceed through your checkout.

One of the coolest things about this plugin is the ability to markup the quoted Australia Post rate by a percentage of your choosing!

Intelligent Box Packing

Our plugin contains state-of-the-art box packing methods to further increase the accuracy of the freight price provided to your customers. It does this in two ways:

  • Box Packing by Product
    This method assumes that each product you sell is already pre-packaged in a box of its own.
  • Virtual Box Packing
    Using cutting edge algorithms, this method will attempt to determine the number of boxes and their sizes that the products will fit into. Simply configure some (at least one) box sizes, and let this method figure out the rest.

Plugin Features

Its features include:

  • Installs in minutes - Easy OCMOD Installation
  • Quickly and easily configured to suit your needs
  • Support / Updates available FREE for a year after purchase
  • Provides an opportunity to markup the prices from Australia Post to cover handling costs
  • Allows you to manually select the services you want to provide to your customers.

Completely Configurable

  • Custom Freight Markup
    Configure an additional customisable percentage to markup the returned price to the customer
  • Optional Amount Rounding
    This will round up/down to the nearest 5c to allow for even freight amounts.
  • Service Selection Select only the services that you want the customer to see.

No hidden Charges

Many plugins appear cheap at first but ambush you with hidden fees in the fine print - WebDev does business differently.

100% Australian Support

Our friendly and experienced team is based in Sydney, Australia, and are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

We speak English. We don't think it's helpful to tell you everything in a techno language that you need a degree to understand. We can only do this because we ourselves understand the industry deeply.

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