POSFlow: Born out of necessity, powered by innovation

What is POSFlow?

POSFlow does away with that and installs a virtual employee which lives to crunch data. It is periodically talking to both your online store and in-store POS system to ensure key product data is constantly being updated where a change has been detected.

We know what you're thinking - won't this slow my in-store POS system down? the simple answer is no. We have fine-tuned each operation to maximise update flow whilst having minimal impact on in-store operations.

What information is collected from my in-store POS system?

The POSFlow unit relies on the in-store POS system to provide:

  • Stock Levels (SOH)
    This maintains accurate stock levels and minimises over-selling
  • Excl. GST Price
  • Recommended Retail Price (RRP) (where available)
  • Product Promotions
    Up-to-date promotions based on the same ones in-store
  • Product Name (optional)
  • Model / SKU Code
    Some providers allow for the model to be updated; this can be reflected in your online store when enabled.
  • Dimensions (DIMS) (where available)
    Such as: Height, Width & Length. These are incredibly important if you have shipping modules installed on your website which derive freight costs from product dimensions and/or weight.
  • Weight (where available)
  • Online Status (where available)
    Is the product available for sale on the website?

The moment any of the above elements of the product is changed in any way, it triggers a push of product data through to your online-store to keep it up-to-date with the latest information available.

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