HardToFind Order Sync v2.0.3

hardtofind celebrates fun, innovative design from the best small creative businesses in Australia and all over the world. Stop, look and 'where did you get that?' pieces, made by talented people who love what they do.

Why should you use hardtofind as a sales channel?

Who is HardToFind? HardToFind sources unique, exceptional products from independent craftspeople and manufacturers, and provides them for sale to consumers. They are an excellent additional sales channel for businesses with unqiue products to offer.

Why should you use hardtofind as a sales channel?

  • Australia's leading, award-winning curated online marketplace
  • More than 10 million site visits annually - that's a bucket-load of potential customers for your business
  • Hand-pick only the best, most exceptional sellers, which means you'll always be in excellent company
  • catalogues to print campaigns, digital marketing, radio and press coverage, our marketing campaigns ensure maximum discoverability of your products
  • Join the ranks of our most successful sellers and make a six-figure turnover. It's FREE to join and there are no listing fees - they only take a commission only when you make a sale

Visit https://www.hardtofind.com.au//home/sell for more information on selling your products with hardtofind.

Our Plugin Features

Our WooCommerce eParcel plugin allows you to produce eParcel labels quickly and easily, requiring only the click of your mouse.

It easily integrates into WooCommerce to simplify and automate the process of fulfilling your online orders. As a result it improves your customer's purchasing experience, reduces your costs and minmises delivery errors.

  • NO Restrictions on the number of orders pushed to your site
  • NO on-going monthly fees!
  • Installs in minutes
  • Support & Updates available FREE for 12mths after purchase
  • Autonomous & silent import of orders at regular intervals 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • Supports multiple HardToFind accounts.
  • Automatically downloads the HardToFind packing slip for inclusion into shipment to Customer.
  • Allows you to manually import orders (where need be).
  • Updates WooCommerce orders with the HardToFind Order number raised


  • WooCommerce 5.x+
  • HardToFind Merchant Account
  • A quick initial configuration of the plugin faciliatated by WebDev

100% Australian Support

Our friendly and experienced team is based in Sydney, Australia, and are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

We speak English. We don't think it's helpful to tell you everything in a techno language that you need a degree to understand. We can only do this because we ourselves understand the industry deeply.

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