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What is My Mula?

My Mula is a budgeting platform. However, it is much more than this - it is an online version of what we refer to as the 10,000ft view.

By following its simple guidelines, you can forget about financial stress and stop living pay cycle to pay cycle.

Why did we build it?

Many years ago, one of our developers noticed that he was simply living from pay-to-pay. To make things worse, he was spending outside of his means; When it came time for large expenses like car registration, he would use credit cards to make up the difference between what little he had remaining and the total bill amount. The amount of financial stress was immense, because now he was running against accrued credit card debt. It didn't need to be that way.

What if bills could be paid straight away instead of piling up? This is where the 10,000ft view really turned things around.

At its core, it breaks bills, debts & incomes into manageable weekly / fortnightly or monthly values depending on what you would prefer as a cycle. A good example of this is car registration; rather than rushing to scrounge up the money at the last minute, My Mula thinks ahead and encourages you to simply put aside $15 per week. By the time that this annual bill rolls around (or any bill for that matter), then you already have the cash ready to pay - Easy!

Is it truly FREE?

Yes! My Mula is completely FREE.

There are no gimmicks or 30-day trial periods. We dont bombard you with advertising, pop-ups or profit in some way from your use of our software just so you can use it. These cash grab services seem to be everywhere these days, and we wanted to actually put something out into the world that would help people, families and couples live a financially stress-free life.

Like any source of overwhelming stress, financial problems can take a massive toll on your mental and physical health; not to mention your relationships, and your overall quality of life.

My Mula is our way of giving back to the community by providing a service which if used to it's full potential, can completely turn your life around.

Is My Mula truly FREE?
My Mula Privacy and Security

What about Privacy & Security

We've worked hard to deploy measures to not only keep your details safe but also minimise the amount of personal data captured.

We don't ask for your personal details, addresses & phone numbers - simply your superhero name (or any name you want), email & password. That's it!

What you call your expenses, incomes & debts are completely up to you.

As far as data security is concerned, we employ two levels of data encryption. SSL Protects your interaction with My Mula, and to further protect your data we also employ database encryption too.

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Lifeline are a national charity providing all Australians experiencing emotional distress with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

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