April 14, 2022

We're thrilled to reveal that we've officially received the exclusive certified Australia Owned certification! If you're not sure what this means, being Australian Owned signifies that there is considerable Australian influence in their business operations - materials, ingredients, manufacturing, staff etc. How great is that?

At WebDev, we take pride in the premium quality of our products and we're so happy that we have receieved this recognition. We know that so many Australians around the country actively seek out Australia Owned companies because they know that that logo ensures a large australian footprint, and a commitment to our local economy, which then makes a positive impact on the Australian industry by supporting jobs and families.

Being Australian-made is so important, but the reliability of our fireplaces doesn't stop there. We also have a passion for innovation and technical inventiveness, unbeaten reliability, unique design capabilities and the ability to automate as much as we possibly can. Ready to engage a real Australian development firm?

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