October 30, 2020

Bills, debts, expenses - the three financial mountains to overcome when managing a household.

For some, getting on top of them can be an almost herculaneum task which is hardly a fun thing to contend with especially when you have so much in life to deal with already. Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to get through it, sometimes all a person needs is a useful tool. Even Hercules needed a hand overcoming his trials!

While it won't help slay beasts, MyMula can certainly put the costs in running your household into perspective.

We built this simple tool to help evaluate the costs of living into readable and clear financial objectives for your household to overcome. Simply listing income/s, expenses, debts & savings goals in MyMula will produce analytics of what and when you are being charged for your obligations and will produce a simple figure that you need to be producing to satisfy them.

Once you know exactly how much you need to put away per week/fortnight/month you can determine how much wiggle room your household has for achieving savings goals or even just how much money you have remaining to play with.

MyMula has been built with financial clarity in mind and will calculate your financial potential if you use your available funds to knock debt out of the way.

Don't worry, MyMula is a free tool we built in our spare time and is being expanded on in our spare time. There may be imperfections here and there but rest assured we'll iron them out.

Get your hard earned dollars working for you and enjoy the view at the top of the mountains!

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