Punchout Solutions

Whilst the term punching out may instill images of a recent trip to the local pub to enjoy a few beverages and watch a UFC title fight, it in fact refers to a method of doing B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce.

A Punchout Catalogue enables suppliers to reach and integrate seamlessly with customers (other businesses) for the purposes of online procurement. Usually this is achieved through using a purchasing application such as those provided by AribasciQuestCoupaSAP & Oracle iProcurement (to name a few).

Adapting your ecommerce strategy to allow for punchout access can be quite lucrative, as it simplifies the purchasing process. With the innovative and affordable help at WebDev, punching out solutions can create a further opportunities to drive sales.

Whilst there is a lot more to it behind the scenes, the actual punchout process is actually quite simple:

  1. The buyer initiates a punchout session using their procurement system.
  2. The buyer browses your catalogue and builds a shopping cart.
  3. The buyer "checks out" (Saves shopping cart)
  4. Sometime later, the buyer sends an order confirmation request for the previously saved shopping cart, provided purchase approval has been given.

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