WooCommerce eParcel Plugin v1.6.1

Expect to produce labels and submit manifests quickly and easily, requiring only the click of your mouse.

An ever evolving simple and intuitive interface.
Engineered for Accelerated Performance
Extensive options providing maximum flexibility
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Hundreds of merchants
trust our plugin

Everything from nutritional supplement stores to merchants selling handbags, all styles of serious business owner now trust their shiping, labelling and manifesting operations to our software.

Shipping made easy!

Our WooCommerce eParcel plugin allows you to produce eParcel labels quickly and easily, requiring only the click of your mouse.

It easily integrates into WooCommerce to simplify and automate the process of fulfilling your online orders. As a result it improves your customer's purchasing experience, reduces your costs and minmises delivery errors.

Easy Configuration

Quickly and easily configured to suit your needs.

Platform Partner

We are an official Australia Post platform partner, and as such our plugin produces official shipping labels.

Domestic & International Support

Our plugin supports the generation of labels for both International and Domestic delivery of goods.

Batch Printing

Quickly batch print multiple labels (or all) at once. This allows the labelling process to accompany your existing picking/packing.

Plugin Software

  • NO Restrictions on the number of labels or manifests you produce
  • NO on-going monthly fees!
  • Installs in minutes
  • Quickly and easily configured to suit your needs
  • Support for 12mths after purchase
  • Updates available FREE for a year after purchase
  • Produces official Australia Post eParcel Labels
  • Supports both International and Domestic delivery of goods
  • Produces customs documentation for goods going overseas
  • Batch Print Labels in seconds
  • Supports different label printing methods. ie. A4 4Up, Thermal 1Up
  • Quick select orders by shipping service (Standard vs Express)
  • Provides detailed key statistics on your shipments.
  • Adds new order statuses to ensure order management through labelling, manifesting and finally shipping

So Easy!

I can't believe how easy this was to setup!

Chris Robson

Leading Edge Kits

Highly Impressed

I was highly impressed with the outstanding plugin from the team at WebDev and would recommend them to any business.

Carol Brunswick

Abdomend in Australia

Such a time-saver!

I didn't realise how much time I had spent copying-and-pasting until now - This plugin has made despatching goods too easy!


Redback Vapery

Our Software in Action

we prepared the following videos of our software demonstrating key functions of our software

Creating a Shipment

This process defines the dimensions, number of labels and weight of each label needed.

Generating Labels in Batches

Why show a video generating a single label when you can show one generating a whole bunch at once

Live Demo
& Operation Guide

So you can take a look for yourself and give it a go, we have prepared a demo of the plugin via: https://woo.devdemo.com.au/

Use the following login credentials:

Username: demo
Password: demo

The plugin operation guide can also be downloaded below.

Go to Demo Download Operation Guide

Our Plugin Pricing

No hidden Charges. Just pain-free shipping.

Many shipment plugins appear cheap at first but ambush you with hidden fees in the fine print - WebDev does business differently.

100% Australian Support

Our friendly and experienced team is based in Sydney, Australia, and are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

We speak English. We don't think it's helpful to tell you everything in a techno language that you need a degree to understand. We can only do this because we ourselves understand the industry deeply.

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