Australia Post eParcel Integration

Thinking of integrating Australia Post's eParcel system into your online solution? If so, you've come to the right place! The experienced staff at WebDev have integrated eParcel services with:

  • Warehouse management systems
  • eCommerce solutions such as osCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, MijoShop, WP Ecommerce & WooCommerce.
  • Custom developed websites and internal web applications


Before you go down the road of development you need to ensure that you would qualify to be eligible for the service. According to the eParcel information provided on the Australia Post Website:

"eParcel is available to any customer who enters an agreement with Australia Post to despatch at least 1,000 parcels each year. It is suitable for smaller customers sending 1,000 per year up to larger companies who send over 100,000 per year."

Source: eParcel, Australia Post (

So how does it Work?

The first point of integration is despatching the order. At this point an approved eparcel label is generated on-the-fly and produced for each box or satchel you wish to send. This label is then affixed to the goods, and the goods placed aside ready for pickup by an Australia Post van or truck. Behind the scenes, the label information is recorded and becomes part of an electronic manifest.

Each afternoon (or twice daily, its really up to you) an electronic manifest containing all the parcels ready to deliver is generated. Many clients desire electronic manifests to be (where available) scheduled to run autonomously in the background, whilst others prefer to control the process via specially developed interfaces, the solution is completely up to you.

The manifest is then electronically submitted directly to Australia Post, and is protected by SSL encryption so that security is assured.

The Australia Post Van or truck that you have pre-arranged will arrive to pickup the goods that you have manifested. At this point you will need to supply the driver with a hardcopy of the electronic manifest. Again, the system will take care of the generation of this document for you, so all you need to do is print it out and hand it over.

Things to Consider

There are of course various system requirements defined by Australia Post, such as the contents and layout of the eParcel label, electronic manifest data and the manifest hardcopy. However, the rest is a completely custom solution designed to make your business run smoothly without the hassle of preparing the eParcel data manually.

Ready to get started?

If this sounds like something that we can help you with, Contact us today and find out how our staff can help you integrate this service into your online solution.

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