Database Development & Maintenance

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.
- Daniel Keys Moran

An overlooked part of business operations is database management. It is not uncommon for this to become such a hurdle that it actually starts to prevent business growth simply because of a lack of in-house expertise, and choice of technology.

We recently experienced a case whereby our client had a number of office locations from which they each had an

identical copy of a common microsoft access database. From a reporting point of view, there was very little visibility of the performance of each location, and even less information for senior management in order to strategically plan for the future. Placing this database online so that all sites were communicating to a central location instantly had a profound impact on the business as a whole.

The benefits this client was suddenly able to gain included:

  • Increased consumer visibility

    centralised data allowed for a single customer record which could be carried between whatever site was most convenient for them; without having to fill out the same "new customer" paperwork.

  • Reporting

    All levels of management were given tools to be able to generate reports on each sites performance, including the business as a whole.

  • Increased Productivity

    The amount of double-handled paperwork was significantly reduced, saving staff valuable time which they could direct into other activities.

  • Increased Communication and Collaboration

    As a direct result of  the increased visibility, staff could properly co-ordinate their activities with other sites.

  • Increased Access

    Staff were now able to securely access their data online from home, the office - anywhere!

Having worked with a diverse range of database management systems, Our staff have the experience to migrate your business to a database solution which is matched to your specific needs.

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